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Cant wait for more!!! 

I don't even know what is real anymore haha I thought I had a grasp on things, but then at the end it all fell apart! The environment looked awesome and I always love a concept based on the great beyond. The game is meant to be short, but because of that, it felt very surfacey and lacked the deeper detail that makes something unique. Also I think it'd be more interesting if there was some sort of interaction between the player and the enemy. Either eliminate the enemy, or show a cut scene of the enemy demolishing the player!

Great work! 

Thank you so much for checking out the game. Absolutely loved the commentary and feedback. :)

I had so much fun. I was confused for a bit, but it all worked itself out.

Awesome that it worked out in the end. :)

Very confused and I wish there was more!

Hoping to expand this project in the future, thanks for taking a look at it!

Amazing.. Just amazing!

I enjoyed playing Whiteout very much and was happy to see that you created a new game, did not disappoint one bit! I enjoyed the overall atmosphere of the game, definitely frightening and fun to explore around. The bodies around the place, the robots sneaking around, the ambiance noise all add up to deliver a spooky vibe to the game. The only problems I could really see were how quiet the voiceover was, and the fact that the sound overlapped toward the end. However, the second one is more my fault as I could've waited, but it did make me waste time searching for the second ending which was clearly revealed how to obtain in one line of dialogue. Well done Kai! Strong 4.5/5 from me

Hey thank you so much for the feedback, helps a lot for future projects. Glad that you could enjoy this game as it is.

Whiteout will also be expanded upon in the future. ;)

Love the concept and the voice acting, did you do the voice yourself? wish there was more creepy robot action though, look forward to see more from this story, feels like there is so much left to be told.

Hey Panda. Yeah this project wasn’t fully completed and I regret not expanding it more. I was very limited on what I could do as a solo dev but I can only move forward. 

Thanks so much for the great feedback as always. :)

This game was very interesting, didn't rely on jumpscares and I loved the sci-fi atmosphere to it. Great game, would love to see more! 👍👍



Glad that you enjoyed it!

This was pretty cool! An interesting story with a nice adrenaline filled chase towards the end. My only issue was that it was very hard to hear the dialogue as the game went on. Other than that, this was a good experience! 


Hey thanks a lot for that audio feedback, I will take that into account for future projects. 

Awesome game! had a lot of fun with this one!

Thank you for checking it out!


Hey everyone, glad to see all the videos getting posted below. I am currently on a trip and cannot respond to comments and videos but I will answers ASAP. Thanks for trying out Kenopsia!

So this was an interesting game and has a lot of potential. The story was interesting and especially the ending; was not expecting that. The talking AI was interesting; how the story played out by him narrating what the player has to do and then giving a short backstory through that. 

But I felt that the game lacked a lot. The part where the enemy robot comes into the hallway and starts searching for the player; it was really cool that, that happened but it didn't feel threatening enough as it never made it to the player themselves. 

The hidden room with the robots was interesting and I think added to the darker side to the story but there wasn't enough backstory to the game to make the player feel like that there was meaning to that room. Other than that I think that when the AI starts telling the player not to go up the stairs; that was a great climax to the game as I found it both intriguing and also exciting from the mellow pace of the previous part of the game. 

And another suggestion is to increase the pace of the start of the game; it's very slow with mostly just walking back and forth from the reactor to the beds. I found it to be a tad too long and a little mundane. So maybe add a small chase part or something to increase the pace of the start. 

Other than that I think it's a pretty cool game with a lot of potential (And also a lot of similarities to Portal 2; with the running away towards the end and what the AI says.) And good luck for future projects!

Hey thanks so much for the feedback, I really do appreciate it when people take the time to do that. Helps a lot for future projects and I agree with you 100%. Thank you again for checking it out. 

haha, loved it, just loved it

Glad you did. :)

i can go outside the map. you should fix this

Great demo! Let me with wanting to see how the full game will turn out :)

Thanks for the feedback and it’s great that you enjoyed it. :)

I still don't understand why I died half the time lol but other than that I really like the space scenery and the terminator style AI. Anyways I made a gameplay on it and keep up the good work!

Glad you enjoyed it! 

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I had a great time with it! Click the pic to watch my Vid


Thanks for making a video! So glad that you had brought the issue to my attention so fast, thanks again. :)

i enjoyed it as much as i enjoyed sleepwalker and whiteout

already looking forward to see more from you

thank you 

Awesome, thanks for checking it out!

It is clean

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Hello, I played this game and it was fun, I enjoyed it, sadly I did die by that bug but over all it was neat game, good work :)


I loved the space horror setting! And the space station kinda reminds me of halo a little XD

Here is my video: 


Glad you enjoyed it. Loved the commentary and the feedback you gave!

Very enjoyable experience as expected from you Kai! This is a very good short little demo style game, I did encounter the death reset glitch once, but it didn't take anything away from the experience. 

Great job with yet another project, you really have a talent for this mysterious style story telling. Great work and as always I can't wait to see what you make in the future!

Once again Saber thank you for your kind words and amazing feedback. I am so sorry you experienced so many bugs during your gameplay but by watching your video I have identified them and now I can fix them, so thank you for that. 

Eventually this game will be connected once a few more pieces of the puzzle are made and older games are updated. ;)

Looking forward to see what comes next!

Cool experience.  I elected to take the red door and very much enjoyed the "whoa" moment at the end.

Very glad you enjoyed it. :)


Thanks for checking it out Bratch. I was not aware of how much you wanted Whiteout to be finished, so I am for sure going to make sure it gets done. :)

Good game dev it has a good atmosphere

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Hey Gphobia, sorry you encountered the game-resetting bug and it cut your experience short. Fixing it soon. Thanks for checking it out anyways.


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Glad you got to check it out, sorry it did not perform very well.

Not bad so far. Is it just a demo? I'm not sure if there's multiple endings but I disobeyed the voice and went through the doors it said not to. Looks pretty sweet.


Hey Master, thanks for checking it out. Yes, the game is very much not done and is basically a demo. I loved the feedback about the sprint and lighting and I will for sure make some changes. There are multiple endings and you decided to take the more exciting one so good on you.