Kenopsia Game Update #2

At the cost of a gameplay feature I have fixed the game resetting bug. Finally it is no more.

I have also squashed some bugs and also changed some things based on the recent feedback I got.


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Fixes and Changes:

  • Removed stamina in 'basement' area.
  • Decreased player sprint speed in 'basement' area.
  • Fixed game-resetting death glitch. 
  • Changed menu UI.

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Just an FYI, I tried playing about an hour ago, and unfortunately it appears the spawn point for the character is wrong.  I show up when I start the game on a floating island beside a bunch of Destiny Character Models, and I can see what I assume is the complex I'm supposed to be in off in the distance.


Hey I am so very sorry, I was using a second player to test out certain things. Including the Destiny models. Thank you so very much for letting me know about this. Only 12 people downloaded that wrong build so far. I will fix and re upload asap. :)

No worries! I just hoped to let you know before you lost the steam from making it to the popular page!