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Great game. The second part really got me. It was a great way to start off the spooky month.  

Great video! Loved the reactions and it was cool to see someone playing my first game again.

Thank you It was a great way to start of the spooky season. 

Hello, I had a great time with the game, good scares haha

hello kai

i have made a whole video with all your games included

i really enjoyed them

i did have some issues with white out at the end

maybe a glitch or bug

but i really did enjoy them , very solid games

looking forward to see the new game thats coming out

take care and stay safe , gr the searching

ps. here is my video if you are interested in watching it , thank you

SKIP TO 9:28!!!

Cool game!  Will keep an eye out for the next parts

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This was a really good game, played both Part 1 and Part 2. This game got me a few times with the jumpscares. Looking forward to seeing more. I played this in 2 random horror games 

Haha, thanks for checking it out. Glad you enjoyed it. :)

Can it run in windows 7 32bit,4gb ram? Reply fast,I like your game very much.

Not sure man, download it and give it a try!

not running it need 64bit.... waste of time and mb.. :(

Bruh the warnings say it will have trouble running on older devices, and it's only 300mb smh.

really enjoyed playing this I look forward to seeing more.

Huh, very odd but you seem to have been playing v2 of Sleepwaler, where as it is now updated to v7. Thanks for making the video tho.

This is very well made, it had me shakin in my boots the whole time. The silence is absolute menacing, the jump scares are excellently timed and story is quite interesting. Overall this is one of the best horror games I've played in a while! Keep up the great work! 

Hey man, loved your reactions and your awesome feedback. Thanks so much!

The narrative had me interested more than anything, the silent parts are tense enough to make you rush. Overall a great game!

Thank you for taking a look! Awesome to see that you were interested in the story.

I just had the pleasure of experiencing 2nd part of Sleepwalker and let me say that the silence is deafening and really got me pissing my parts a few times in the game. I think this version I played was before update #6.

Yet again, another amazing video filled with great commentary and feedback. The quality of your editing is amazing and I am so glad you came back to check it out again. You got lucky tho, as the version you were playing was missing 3 jumpscares. ;)

Oh god, I definitely got lucky, but the lack of jump scares added to the dread feeling and tension throughout the playthrough.

Look forward to future releases!

Thank you so much for making me an easter egg in the first part! I played part 2 and it was epic! It would mean a lot if you were to check out my video!

Aha dude this was awesome! Glad you came back to check out the progress, thank you for the kind words my man. :)

Great game, sucks that its so short, hope you make more!

Thank you for playing and glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks for the update man, sorry this took so long but here it is, had a few really good scares (which you have improved on since the last update) hope you enjoy the video:


Your commentary is amazing! I really do appreciate you coming back again and again to check out Sleepwalker. Thank you. :) 

enjoyed this. 

Love the energy! Thank you so much for taking yet another look at Sleepwalker.

Hey man just play the part 2 hope you enjoy!

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Dude your reactions are priceless! Thank you so much for checking out Part 2! I used your feedback and added/changed some things. Thank you! :)

Hey! I included your game in my latest Horror Games video! The part with your game starts around 10:41! Hope ya enjoy!


Love the video man!

Glad ya enjoyed it, mate! Cheers!

Starts at 5:30

Loved the commentary, unfortunately the version you were playing was very outdated. 

Thank you, and oh damn =o wheres the new one =)

Had a chance to try out your game, the jumpscare nearly knocked me the F*** out. Look forward to seeing more of your games

Hands down the best video made on my game yet. I loved the criticism and feedback and it helps me a ton with making Part 2. Thank you. :) 

Much appreciated! Would love to watch your game grow with more features and additional interactions. 

Here's my part one video, cool game!

Sick video man, thanks for the shoutout.

you need more jumpscares and another monster but still good game

Game is less jumpscare, more explore. Sorry it was not what you expected.

not realy but stay on :D

Thanks for putting our name into the game! Loved the new additions

Glad you took another look at it. :)

great but scary game

Thank you!

Great game it scared the s*** out of me! 100/100

That was a great video dude, absolutely loved the reactions to the jump scares!

had so much fun.

It’s great you took another look at it. :)

The observers update is pretty cool.

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it.

Gave this another go it was bugging me that i couldnt get it finished last time haha, Great updates. Heres my gameplay i hope we see chapter 2 soon :)


This was an awesome video, great that you came and checked it out again.:)

I had a blast playing it!

That was a great video man, thanks for checking out the game!

this was fun.


Awesome video man, love your energy. Hopefully I will fix some of those annoying rocks soon. :)

Brilliant atmosphere but couldn't finish it excellent work.

Loved the commentary! The reason you could not finish the game is because you were playing a very outdated version of the game, which did not actually have an end! Sorry about that. 

Thanks for the updates :)


Glad you are enjoying them! :)

We kept on running away near the end, hah

Thank you for checking the game out!

you forgot to finish the game im sure :)

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Yes, the game is still in development. :)

Not sure if i found all the candles, didnt know how many i needed because the objective was cut off the screen. Think it bugged out on me at the end but i got a couple of scares out of it so hey it was still somewhat enjoyable for me. Heres my gameplay:


Thank you for taking a look at my game, sorry the UI was cut off, I will make sure to fix that in the next update. 

good atmosphere but add more story

Thanks for playing!