Game Update #1

Small patch that fixes some issues that were discovered by people.


  • Added more exploration to the end, so it is easier to see secret connections. ;)
  • Added a invis wall that stops the player from exploring further if they have not 'picked up' Emily.
  • Added more collision meshes to objects.
  • Added more story point walls.

Fixes and Changes:

  • Changed the size of Emily's pick up trigger box.
  • Fixed player sometimes getting stuck on watchtower floor.
  • Changed the menu and updated it.

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I really like the game but don't really get the ending. It seems like it just stops when you enter the building?

Yeah thats the ending for now, it would make more sense if you ever play my other games as they all interconnect. I will be expanding the game in the future so stay tuned. Thanks for playing!

Ah, okay. I really like the setting and the atmosphere. It's great to have easter eggs linking to previous games, but I would really recommend making the game work as a standalone experience too, as it's very confusing at the moment. Keep up the great work! :)

Yeah well, games still in development so thanks for the feedback. :)